Winamp Android

13th Dec, 2022

Winamp Android

Winamp for Android is an application that will allow you to listen to your favorite music directly from your mobile phone by previously importing your iTunes library or any playlist from your computer. … Another very interesting feature of Winamp is the ability to stream music for free on demand.

Today, the Nullsoft-made media player lives on, and it is now available for use on Android devices, as well as on Windows and Mac machines. Of course, it has since been updated. Winamp for Android offers an adequate, though not particularly outstanding, alternative to the stock music player on your mobile device.

Is Winamp still good?

Winamp is still a great player, and its third-party plugin support is second to none, but its age is starting to show and today you'll be better served with a more modern tool like MusicBee or VLC Media Player.